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Dissemination of Scholarly Contributions: Utilizing NSUWorks, Selected Works, and Digital Measures for Public Promotion and Internal Review Processes


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Virtual Presentation / October 19, 2021

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NSUWorks , NSU’s institutional repository , and SelectedWorks , the online professional profile system , work together to curate content for the Digital Commons network of repositories for dissemination of your scholarly output to the world at large. Digital Measures is NSU's internal review and tracking system for faculty to keep track of their professional activities. Part 1 of this 2-part series will discuss how these three systems work at NSU, explain your college process for adding your scholarly contributions into these systems, and provide think-tank opportunities for the creation of new scholarly work for yourself and your students. Part 2 will be a hands-on workshop experience to show you how to manage your SelectedWorks profile effectively on your own.


This is Part 1 of a 2 part lecture/workshop series.

Part 1: Three Systems for Promotion of Scholarly Achievements

Part 2: Editing and Maintaining Your Selected Works Profile

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