A selection of scholarly articles from the faculty of the College of Osteopathic Medicine at Nova Southeastern University.


Submissions from 2016

Evaluation of pharmacy program characteristics as a determinant on residency match rates, J. Caballero, E. Sherman, K. Clauson, M. Seamon, and Patrick C. Hardigan

Hepatitis C Screening Within Community Health Centers, N. Cook, E. P. Turse, A. S. Garcia, Patrick C. Hardigan, and S. A. Amofah

Ex Vivo Manipulated Cytotoxic T Lymphocytes in HIV-1 Disease, Nancy G. Klimas, R. Patarca, K. Maher, M. Smith, X. Q. Jin, H. S. Huang, J. Walling, C. Gamber, and Mary A. Fletcher

Achieving a 54% Reduction in Geriatric Fall-Caused Hospitalizations and a 65% Reduction in Fall-Caused Injuries Requiring Long-Term Care: A Multifactorial Program Conducted Among 6600 Community Resident Elders in Florida, D. Schwartz and Patrick C. Hardigan

Submissions from 2015

Case Study of an Unsustainable Community-Academic Partnership: Toward Core Standards for the Structure of Emerging Participatory Research, Jose L. Calderon, Keith C. Norris, Lorrin A. Calderon, Ron D. Hays, and Patrick C. Hardigan

Patient Experience in Health Center Medical Homes, Nicole J. Cook, Theodore L. Hollar, Ludmilla Paul, Emmanual Isaac, St. Anthony Amofah, and Leiyu Shi

Supporting medical home transformation through evaluation of patient experience in a large culturally diverse primary care safety net, Nicole J. Cook, Theodore L. Hollar, Christie Zunker, Michael Peterson, Teina Phillips, and Michael De Lucca


Achieving Remission in Gulf War Illness: A Simulation-Based Approach to Treatment Design, Travis J. A. Craddock, Ryan R. Del Rosario, Mark Rice, Mary Ann Fletcher, Nancy G. Klimas, Gordon Broderick, and Joel P. Zysman

Using gene expression signatures to identify novel treatment strategies in gulf war illness., Travis John Adrian Craddock, J M. Harvey, Lubov Nathanson, Z M. Barnes, Nancy G. Klimas, Mary A. Fletcher, and G Broderick

The incidence of vitamin D deficiency in the obese: a retrospective chart review, D. Daniel, Patrick C. Hardigan, N. Bray, D. Penzell, and C. Savu

The Effect of Elevated Triglycerides on the Onset and Progression of Coronary Artery Disease: A Retrospective Chart Review, Daniel Deepu, Patrick C. Hardigan, Asif Jawaid, Rohit Bhandari, and Mithun Daniel

Last Issue’s Answer: Guttate Psoriasis, Rogerio Faillace

What Is Causing This 5-Year-Old’s Itchy, Scaly, Pink Plaques?, Rogerio Faillace, Villacorta, Winkelman, and Julian

Profiles of Risk Among HIV-Infected Youth in Clinic Settings, Maria I. Fernandez, Heather C. Huszti, Patrick A. Wilson, Shoshana Kahana, Sharon Nichols, Rene Gonin, Jiahong Xu, and Bill G. Kapogiannis

The Reliability and Validity of the Power-Load-Margin Inventory. Journal of Applied Measurement, Patrick C. Hardigan, K. P. Hagen, S. R. Cohen, K. P. Hagen, and S. R. Cohen

Response rate, response time, and economic costs of survey research: A randomized trial of practicing pharmacists, Patrick C. Hardigan, I. Popovici, and M. J. Carvajal

Distinct plasma immune signatures in ME/CFS are present early in the course of illness, M. Horning, S. Levine, Nancy G. Klimas, D. Felsenstein, L. Bateman, D. L. Peterson, C. G. Gottschalk, A. F. Schultz, X. Che, M. L. Eddy, A. L. Komaroff, and W. I. Lipkin

An HIV intervention tailored for black young men who have sex with men in the House Ball Community, Sybil G. Hosek, Diana Lemos, Anna L. Hotton, Maria I. Fernandez, Kyle Telander, Dana Footer, and Margo Bell

Identification of Musculoskeletal Disorders in Medically Underserved Regions of South America and Vietnam, Robin J. Jacobs, Belinda Collias, Arif M. Rana, Elaine M. Wallace, Michael Kane, and David R. Boesler

Unipolar and Bipolar disorder: The Primary Care Perspective, Victor A. Jaffe, Nadine B. Chipon Schoepp, and Janet K. Hamstra

Rates and Correlates of Antiretroviral Therapy Use and Virologic Suppression Among Perinatally and Behaviorally HIV-Infected Youth Linked to Care in the United States, Shoshana Y. Kahana, Maria I. Fernandez, Patrick A. Wilson, Jose A. Bauermeister, Sonia Lee, Craig M. Wilson, and Lisa B. Hightow-Weidman

Spiritual coping predicts CD4-cell preservation and undetectable viral load over four years., H Kremer, G Ironson, L Kaplan, R Stuetzele, N Baker, and Mary A. Fletcher

Adaptation of a Couple-Based HIV/STI Prevention Intervention for Latino Men Who Have Sex With Men in New York City, Omar Martinez, Elwin Wu, Timothy Frasca, Andrew Zach Shultz, Maria I. Fernandez, Javier Lopez Rios, Hugo Ovejero, Eva Moya, Silvia Chavez Baray, Jonathan Capote, Justin Manusov, Chukwuemeka O. Anyamele, Jonathan Lopez Matos, John Satchel Horatio Page, Alex Carballo-Dieguez, and Theo G.M. Sandfort

Female Farmworkers’ Access to and Experiences with Prenatal Care in South Florida, Jamie Mazzurco, Steven F. Zhang, Nilda Hernandez, and Maria I. Fernandez

Ultraviolet-Fluorescent Tattoo Facilitates Accurate Identification of Biopsy Sites, K. Russell, R. Schleichert, B. Baum, M. Villacorat, Patrick C. Hardigan, J. Thomas, and E. Weiss


Inferring Broad Regulatory Biology from Time Course Data: Have We Reached an Upper Bound under Constraints Typical of In Vivo Studies?, Saurabh Vashishtha, Gordon Broderick, Mary Ann Fletcher, Travis J. A. Craddock, and Nancy G. Klimas

Submissions from 2014

Accuracy of a new apex locator in ex-vivo teeth using scanning electron microscopy, Maria Bonilla, Taner Cem Sayin, Brenda Schobert, and Patrick C. Hardigan

EVOLUTION—Taking Charge and Growing Stronger: The Design, Acceptability, and Feasibility of a Secondary Prevention Empowerment Intervention for Young Women Living with HIV, Jennifer Brothers, Gary W. Harper, Maria I. Fernandez, and Sybil G. Hosek

Support for smoke-free multi-unit housing policies among racially and ethnically diverse, low-income seniors in south florida, Nicole J. Cook, Theodore L. Hollar, Summer Chavez, David Quinn, and Teina Phillips


The feasibility of coherent energy transfer in microtubules., Travis John Adrian Craddock, Douglas Friesen, Jonathan Mane, Stuart Hameroff, and Jack A. Tuszynski

A role for homeostatic drive in the perpetuation of complex chronic illness: Gulf War Illness and chronic fatigue syndrome., Travis John Adrian Craddock, P Fritsch, M A. Rice Jr., R M. del Rosario, David Miller, Mary A. Fletcher, Nancy G. Klimas, and G Broderick


Association between different hemoglobin a1c levels and clinical outcomes among elderly nursing home residents with type 2 diabetes mellitus., Keith L. Davis, Wenhui Wei, Juliana L. Meyers, Brett S. Kilpatrick, and Naushira Pandya

Oxytocin, social support, and sleep quality in low-income minority women living with HIV., E M. Fekete, J Seay, M H. Antoni, A J. Mendez, Mary A. Fletcher, A Szeto, and N Schneiderman

Stress management skills, cortisol awakening response, and post-exertional malaise in Chronic Fatigue Syndrome., D L. Hall, E G. Lattie, M H. Antoni, Mary A. Fletcher, S Czaja, D Perdomo, and Nancy G. Klimas

Resilience Processes Demonstrated by Young Gay and Bisexual Men Living with HIV: Implications for Intervention, Gary W. Harper, Douglas Bruce, Sybil G. Hosek, Maria I. Fernandez, and Brian A. Rood


Surgical utility of Afirma: effects of high cancer prevalence and oncocytic cell types in patients with indeterminate thyroid cytology., R Mack Harrell and David N. Bimston


The role of whole-brain radiation therapy after stereotactic radiation surgery for brain metastases., Shaakir Hasan, Ashish H. Shah, Amade Bregy, Trevine Albert, Arnold Markoe, Radka Stoyanova, Michael Thambuswamy, and Ricardo J. Komotar

No association found between the detection of either xenotropic murine leukemia virus-related virus or polytropic murine leukemia virus and chronic fatigue syndrome in a blinded, multi-site, prospective study by the establishment and use of the SolveCFS BioBank, D. M. Irlbeck, S. D. Verson, K. K. McCleary, L. Bateman, Nancy G. Klimas, C. W. Lapp, D. L. Peterson, J. R. Brown, K. S. Remlinger, D. A. Wilfret, and P. Ferondelis

Psychosocial and Neurohormonal Predictors of HIV Disease Progression (CD4 Cells and Viral Load): A 4 Year Prospective Study., G Ironson, C O'Cleirigh, Mahendra Kumar, L Kaplan, E Balbin, C B. Kelsch, Mary A. Fletcher, and N Schneiderman

Development of a culturally appropriate computer-delivered tailored internet-based health literacy intervention for spanish-dominant hispanics living with HIV., Robin J. Jacobs, Joshua Caballero, Raymond L. Ownby, and Michael N. Kane


A systematic review of eHealth interventions to improve health literacy., Robin J. Jacobs, Jennie Q. Lou, Raymond L. Ownby, and Joshua Caballero

HIV Testing Among Sexually Active Hispanic/Latino MSM in Miami-Dade County and New York City: Opportunities for Increasing Acceptance and Frequency of Testing, Heather A. Joseph, Lisa Belcher, Lydia O'Donnell, Maria I. Fernandez, Pilgrim S. Spikes, and Stephen A. Flores

Alexithymia is linked to neurocognitive, psychological, neuroendocrine, and immune dysfunction in persons living with HIV., R C. McIntosh, G Ironson, M H. Antoni, Mahendra Kumar, Mary A. Fletcher, and N Schneiderman

Negative and positive beliefs related to mood and health, Raymond L. Ownby, Amarilis Cruz Acevedo, Robin J. Jacobs, J Cabakkeri, and Drenna Waldrop-Valverde

Quality of life, health status, and health service utilization related to a new measure of health literacy: FLIGHT/VIDAS., Raymond L. Ownby, Amarilis Cruz Acevedo, Robin J. Jacobs, Joshua Caballero, and Drenna Waldrop-Valverde


Is the cloze procedure appropriate to evaluate health literacy in older individuals? Age effects in the test of functional health literacy in adults., Raymond L. Ownby, Amarilis Cruz Acevedo, Drenna Waldrop-Valverde, and Robin J. Jacobs

Abilities, skills and knowledge in measures of health literacy., Raymond L. Ownby, Amarilis Cruz Acevedo, Drenna Waldrop-Valverde, Robin J. Jacobs, and Joshua Caballero

Subtypes of sleep problems in patients with Alzheimer disease., Raymond L. Ownby, Gloria Peruyera, Amarilis Cruz Acevedo, David A. Loewenstein, and Steven Sevush

Gingival Margin Changes in Maxillary Anterior Sites After Single Immediate Implant Placement and Provisionalization: A 5-Year Retrospective Study of 47 Patients, Scott B. Ross, Gregory A. Pette, William B. Parker, and Patrick C. Hardigan

Ethnicity moderates the relationship between perceived stress and benefit finding in HIV+ men who have sex with men (MSM)., J S. Seay, E M. Fekete, M H. Antoni, G Ironson, Mary A. Fletcher, and N Schneiderman

Exploratory survey of Florida pharmacist’s experience with knowledge of, and perceptions about HIV preexposure prophylaxis, K. M. Shaeer, E. M. Sherman, S. Shafig, and Patrick C. Hardigan

Diabetes Foot Education: An Evidence Based Study in Long Term care Settings, Sweta Tewary, Naushira Pandya, and Nicole J. Cook


Cerebral desaturation events in the beach chair position: correlation of noninvasive blood pressure and estimated temporal mean arterial pressure., Jacob J. Triplet, Christopher M. Lonetta, Jonathan C. Levy, Nathan G. Everding, and Molly A. Moor


Risk and protective factors for retention in HIV care, Drenna Waldrop-Valverde, Ying Guo, Raymond L. Ownby, Allan Rodriguez, and Deborah L. Jones

U. S. Medical Students’ Knowledge and Attitudes towards the Affordable Care Act, S. Zhnag, J. Mazzurco, N. Hernandez, Patrick C. Hardigan, and I. Fernandez

Submissions from 2013

Altered immune pathway activity under exercise challenge in Gulf War Illness: an exploratory analysis., G Broderick, R Ben-Hamo, S Vashishtha, S Efroni, Lubov Nathanson, Z Barnes, Mary A. Fletcher, and Nancy G. Klimas

Heavy Marijuana Use Among Gay and Bisexual Male Emerging Adults Living With HIV/AIDS, Douglas Bruce, Gary W. Harper, and Maria I. Fernandez

Alcohol use predicts sexual risk behavior with HIV-negative or partners of unknown status among young HIV-positive men who have sex with men, Douglas Bruce, Shoshana Kahana, Gary W. Harper, and Maria I. Fernandez

A Community-Based Pilot Study of a Diabetes Pharmacist Intervention in Latinos: Impact on Weight and Hemoglobin A1c, A. M. Castejon, Jose L. Calderon, A. Perez, C. Millar, J. McLaughlin-Middlejauff, N. Sangasubana, G. Alvarez, L. Arce, Patrick C. Hardigan, and S. E. Rabionet

Electronic Health Records: A Valuable Tool for Dental School Strategic Planning, Phyllis Filker, Nicole J. Cook, and Jodi Kodish-Stav


Succumbing to the Laws of Attraction: Exploring the Sometimes Pathogenic Versatility of Discrete Immune Logic, Paul Fritsch, Travis J. A. Craddock, Ryan M. del Rosario, Mark A. Rice, AnneLiese Smylie, Virginia A. Folcik, Gerda de Vries, Mary Ann Fletcher, Nancy G. Klimas, and Gordon Broderick

Using Latent Class Analysis to Model Prescription Medications in the Measurement of Falling Among a Community Elderly Population, Patrick C. Hardigan, D. C. Swartz, and W. D. Hardigan

The Role of Multiple Identities in Adherence to Medical Appointments Among Gay/Bisexual Male Adolescents Living with HIV, Gary W. Harper, Maria I. Fernandez, Douglas Bruce, Sybil G. Hosek, and Robin J. Jacobs

The Acceptability and Feasibility of an HIV Preexposure Prophylaxis (PrEP) Trial With Young Men Who Have Sex With Men, Sybil G. Hosek, George Siberry, Margo Bell, Michelle Lally, Bill Kapogiannis, Keith Green, Maria I. Fernandez, Brandy Rutledge, Jaime Martinez, Robert Garofalo, Craig Wilson, and ATN

Gender-specific effects of an augmented written emotional disclosure intervention on posttraumatic, depressive, and HIV-disease-related outcomes: a randomized, controlled trial., G Ironson, C O'Cleirigh, J Leserman, R Stuetzle, J Fordiani, Mary A. Fletcher, and N Schneiderman


Condom use, disclosure, and risk for unprotected sex in HIV-negative midlife and older men who have sex with men., Robin J. Jacobs, Michael N. Kane, and Raymond L. Ownby

Compassionate Love as a Predictor of Reduced HIV Disease Progression and Transmission Risk., H Kremer, G Ironson, L Kaplan, R Stuetzle, and Mary A. Fletcher

Beyond Myalgic Encephalomyelitis/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (ME/CFS) Symptom Severity: Stress Management Skills are Related to Lower Illness Burden., E G. Lattie, M H. Antoni, Mary A. Fletcher, S Czaja, D Perdomo, A Sala, S Nair, S H. Fu, F J. Penedo, and Nancy G. Klimas

Stress Management, Depression and Immune Status in Lower Income Racial/Ethnic Minority Women Co-infected with HIV and HPV., C R. Lopez, M H. Antoni, D Pereira, J Seay, N Whitehead, J Potter, M J. O'Sullivan, and Mary A. Fletcher


Development and initial validation of a computer-administered health literacy assessment in Spanish and English: FLIGHT/VIDAS., Raymond L. Ownby, Amarilis Cruz Acevedo, Drenna Waldrop-Valverde, Robin J. Jacobs, Joshua Caballero, Rosemary Davenport, Ana-Maria Homs, Sara J. Czaja, and David A. Loewenstein


Differential item functioning related to age in the reading subtest of the test of functional health literacy in adults., Raymond L. Ownby and Drenna Waldrop-Valverde


Development and Validation of a Brief Computer-Administered HIV-Related Health Literacy Scale (HIV-HL), Raymond L. Ownby, Drenna Waldrop-Valverde, Patrick C. Hardigan, Joshua Caballero, Robin J. Jacobs, and Amarilis Cruz Acevedo


Cost effectiveness of a computer-delivered intervention to improve HIV medication adherence., Raymond L. Ownby, Drenna Waldrop-Valverde, Robin J. Jacobs, Amarilis Cruz Acevedo, and Joshua Caballero

Self-reported sleep disturbance is associated with lower CD4 count and 24-h urinary dopamine levels in ethnic minority women living with HIV., J S. Seay, R McIntosh, E M. Fekete, Mary A. Fletcher, Mahendra Kumar, N Schneiderman, and M H. Antoni

A comparison of sex-specific immune signatures in Gulf War illness and chronic fatigue syndrome., A L. Smylie, G Broderick, H Fernandes, S Razdan, Z Barnes, F Collado, C Sol, Mary A. Fletcher, and Nancy G. Klimas

Prevalence of foot problems in nursing home residents with diabetes stratified by dementia diagnosis, Sweta Tewary, Naushira Pandya, and Nicole J. Cook

Study on Professional Outpatient Preventative Dentistry (POPD), Mayra Urbieta, Stephanie Sur, Patrick C. Hardigan, and Char Orlich

Predictors of Scoring at Least 600 on COMPLEX-USA Level 1: Successful Preparation Strategies, Aditya Vora, Nathan Maltezos, Lauren Alfonso, Nilda Hernandez, Erica Calix, and Maria I. Fernandez


Health literacy: impact on the health of HIV-infected individuals., Andrew J. Wawrzyniak, Raymond L. Ownby, Katryna McCoy, and Drenna Waldrop-Valverde

Submissions from 2012


Can failure carefully observed become a springboard to success?, Manuella Adrian

A multicenter blinded analysis indicates no association between chronic fatigue syndrome/myalgic encephalomyelitis and either xenotropic murine leukemia virus-related virus or polytropic murine leukemia virus.Mbio, H. J. Alter, J. A. Mikovits, W. M. Switzer, F. W. Ruscetti, S. C. Lo, A. L. Komaroff, Nancy G. Klimas, H. M. Zheng, R. Wang, B. Li, G. C. Hung, L. L. Lee, S. Sameroff, W. Heneine, J. Coffin, M. Horning, and W. I. Lipkin

Twenty-four month clinical evaluation of fissure sealants on partially erupted permanent first molars: glass inonomer versus resin-based sealant, S. A. Antonson, D. E. Antonson, S. Brener, J. Crutchfield, J. Larumbe, C. Michaud, A. R. Yazici, Patrick C. Hardigan, S. Alempour, D. Evans, and R. Ocanto

Effect of resealing on microleakage of resin composite restorations in relationship to margin design and composite type, S. A. Antonson, A. R. Yazici, Z. Otke, P. Villalta, D. E. Antonson, and Patrick C. Hardigan

Exploring the diagnostic potential of immune biomarker coexpression in Gulf War Illness., G Broderick, Mary A. Fletcher, M Gallagher, Z M. Barnes, S D. Vernon, and Nancy G. Klimas

Cytokine expression profiles of immune imbalance in post-mononucleosis chronic fatigue., G Broderick, B Z. Katz, H Fernandes, Mary A. Fletcher, Nancy G. Klimas, F A. Smith, M R. O'Gorman, S D. Vernon, and R Taylor

Cervical Spine Bending: A Factor Confounding Lumbar and Trunk Forward Bending, W. J. Brooks, M. M. Patterson, E. Wagner, and Patrick C. Hardigan

Age-Concordant and Age-Discordant Sexual Behavior Among Gay and Bisexual Male Adolescents, Douglas Bruce, Gary W. Harper, Maria I. Fernandez, and Omar B. Jamil

Creating Partnerships for HIV Prevention Among YMSM: THe Connect to Protect Project and House and Ball Community in Philadelphia, Marné Castillo, Brett J. Palmer, Brett J. Rudy, and Maria I. Fernandez

Perlecan domain 1 recombinant proteoglycan augments BMP-2 activity and osteogenesis, A. A. Decarlo, M. Belousova, A. L. Ellis, D. Peterson, H. Grenett, Patrick C. Hardigan, R. O'Grady, M. Lord, and J. M. Whitelock

Paying it Forward: The Many Faces of Mentoring, Marti Echols

Psychoneuroimmunology and natural killer cells: the chromium release whole blood assay., Mary A. Fletcher, Z Barnes, G Broderick, and Nancy G. Klimas

An analysis of response rate and economic costs between mail and web-based surveys among practicing dentists: A randomized trial, Patrick C. Hardigan, C. T. Sucar, and J. M. Fleisher

Minimum data elements for research reports on CFS, L. A. Jason, E. R. Unger, J. D. Dimitrakoff, A. P. Fagin, M. Houghton, D. B. Cook, G. D. Marshall Jr., Nancy G. Klimas, and C. Snell

Biomarkers for chronic fatigue., Nancy G. Klimas, G Broderick, and Mary A. Fletcher

Stress management skills, neuroimmune processes and fatigue levels in persons with chronic fatigue syndrome., E G. Lattie, M H. Antoni, Mary A. Fletcher, F Penedo, S Czaja, C Lopez, D Perdomo, A Sala, S Nair, S H. Fu, and Nancy G. Klimas

Mind and body in late-life anxiety, Raymond L. Ownby


Relations between cognitive status and medication adherence in patients treated for memory disorders., Raymond L. Ownby, Christopher Hertzog, and Sara J. Czaja


Tailored Information and Automated Reminding to Improve Medication Adherence in Spanish- and English-Speaking Elders Treated for Memory Impairment., Raymond L. Ownby, Christopher Hertzog, and Sara J. Czaja


Baseline medication adherence and response to an electronically delivered health literacy intervention targeting adherence., Raymond L. Ownby, Drenna Waldrop-Valverde, Joshua Caballero, and Robin J. Jacobs

Thyroid function and depression in HIV-1 infection, Raymond L. Ownby, Drenna Waldrop-Valverde, Adarsh M. Kumar, and Mahendra Kumar